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From this weekend, the Ministry of Health will be stepping up its fogging operations to combat the aedes aegypti mosquito.??

Tomorrow, Saturday, September 10, will see workers from the Vector Control Unit fogging six schools and their environs – five in St. Michael and the other in St. Thomas. Between 7:00 and 11:00 a.m. they will visit Harrison College on Crumpton Street; Eden Lodge Nursery and Eden Lodge Primary Schools; as well as Sharon Nursery and Sharon Primary Schools at Jackson, all in St. Michael; and Welches Primary, St. Thomas.

Meanwhile, from Monday, the Unit will undertake its usual weekly fogging exercises when it targets four parishes – Christ Church, St. Joseph, St. Phillip and St. Thomas.

On Monday, September 12, the team will visit Christ Church and fog Rendezvous Gardens, Amity Lodge, Fairway Gardens, Worthing Road, St. Lawrence Main Road, Craigg Road, Beckles Road, Brewsters Road, Graeme Hall, Harmony Hall, Top Rock and its environs.

The next day, Tuesday September 13, the St. Joseph districts of Braggs Hill, Sugar Hill, Yearwood Road, Chimborazo, Lammings, Airy Hill, St. Bernards Village, and Mellows Hill will be visited.

On Wednesday September 14, the following districts in St. Phillip will be fogged: Sanford, Mapps Development, Lucas Street, Windward Gardens, Duncans, Beulah, Congo Road and surrounding areas.

The exercise continues on Thursday, September 15, when the team re-visits St. Phillip and fogs: Kirtons, Kirtons #1, #2 and #3, Caveland, Hopeland, Rices Gardens, Friendship Drive, Tranquility Drive, Crane Lodge, Collington Drive, Pounders Land, Diamond Valley and surrounding districts.

Fogging for the week concludes on Friday, September 16, in St. Thomas at Rock Hall, Porey Spring, Spring Farm, Dunscombe, Farmers, Cane Garden, Content, Airy Cot and its environs.

Fogging of neighbourhoods will take place between 4:30 and 7:30 p.m. each day, and householders are asked to open their doors and windows to allow the fog to penetrate. Persons with respiratory problems should protect themselves from inhaling the fog.

Pedestrians and motorists are asked to proceed with caution when they encounter fogging operations on the street; and parents should prevent their children from playing in the fog or running behind the fogging machine.


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