(left to right) Attendant Corey Bradshaw, with St.Peter Parish Ambassadors La-Shea Samuel and Naki Modoo??viewing the exhibition of??the six ‘unsung Heroes’??at Arlington House Museum. (C.Lashley/BGIS)

Six individuals and groups that have given yeoman service to the parish of St. Peter have been recognised for their contribution to that parish.

They are: the Rose Hill Tuk Band, minibus driver Eleazar ???Sonny Lu’ Greaves, former Public Health Inspector, Lisle Worrell, fisherman Fitz ???Do Do’ Jordan, 13-time Queen of the Crop winner Judy Cumberbatch, and entrepreneur Melville Williams.

A photographic exhibition in their honour was unveiled last Saturday by Parish Ambassadors La-Shea Samuel and Naki Modoo and their attendant Corey Bradshaw at the Arlington House Museum in Speightstown.

Described as ???beacons of excellence’, Mr. Bradshaw noted that the honourees were chosen by residents of the parish for their significant contribution to the development of St. Peter over the years. He pointed out that the exhibition would serve as a lasting tribute and inspiration to others for generations to come as persons would be able to visit the museum and learn more about the persons recognised.

The exhibition features pictures of the ???unsung heroes’ mounted in a special display that includes biographical information.


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