Chief Personnel Officer, Personnel Administration Division, Gail Atkins. (FP)

Sixteen senior public officers have been promoted to the post of Permanent Secretary.

This disclosure has come from Chief Personnel Officer, Gail Atkins, who said the promotions would take effect from Saturday, April 15.

Those promoted are: Ms. June Chandler, to the Ministry of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation; Mrs. Donna Cadogan to the Ministry of Tourism and International Transport; Mrs. Janet Phillips to the Ministry of Social Care, Constituency Empowerment and Community Development; Mr. Alyson Forte to the Ministry of the Civil Service; and Mr. Philmore Best to the Ministry of Industry, International Business, Commerce and Small Business Development.

In addition, Mr. Siebert Frederick will be the new Permanent Secretary in the Economic Affairs Division, Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs; while Mr. Esworth Reid will head the Training Administration Division; Mr. Timothy Maynard will be in the Prime Minister’s Office, Division of Defence and Security; Mrs. Nancy Headley will be in the Finance Division, Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs; and Ms. Gabrielle Springer will head the Ministry of Health.

Ms. Daphne Kellman will take over the Ministry of Environment and Drainage; Mrs. Yolande Howard will take charge of the Ministry of Labour, Social Security and Human Resource Development; Ms. Nicolla Simone Rudder will head the Ministry of Transport and Works; and Mr. Jehu Wiltshire, will head the Division of Energy and Telecommunications, Prime Minister’s Office.

Ms. Sandra Phillips and Ms. Yvette Goddard have been promoted to the post of Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Housing, Lands and Rural Development and Office of the Attorney General, respectively. Ms. Atkins explained, however, that they will remain in Foreign Service duties until further notice.

The Chief Personnel Officer said the Personnel Administration Division was working assiduously to complete appointments for the next two levels, they being Deputy Permanent Secretary and Administrative Officer.

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