The course, Regional Code of Practice for the Construction of Houses, will come to a close on Tuesday, July 1, at the Samuel Jackman Prescod Polytechnic (SJPP), Wildey, St. Michael.

Deputy Executive Director of the Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency (CDEMA), Elizabeth Riley, will deliver the feature address at the closing ceremony, which starts at 4:45 p.m. in the staff lounge.

Principal of the SJPP, Hector Belle, will deliver remarks while Curriculum Development/ Liaison Officer (Ag.), Audrey Jones-Drayton, will present a report on the course.

Certificates will be presented by the Deputy Director of the Department of Emergency Management (DEM), Kerry Hinds.

In seeking to enhance community resilience to disasters by promoting safer building in the Caribbean, CDEMA partnered with the Polytechnic, the principal training institution for the building trades on the island, to deliver the 40-hour course in February.

The inaugural course, which was worth two credits, was also supported by the CARICOM Regional Organisation for Standards and Quality and the DEM.

According to the SJPP, it is expected that graduates will promote and employ safer building practices and make use of safer building materials, as they work within their various occupations.

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