Minister Denis??Kellman overlooks plans for the Green Living Communities. He is surrounded by??(from Left)??CEOs of??Cumberwood Realty, Katie??Cumberbatch and Danny Cumberbatch; Permanent Secretary Ruth Blackman; and representatives of Caribbean Cabinets Company Ltd. (S.Medford/BGIS)??

The efforts of one local company to join in the promotion of a greener economy has been lauded by Minister of Industry, Small Business and Rural Development, Denis Kellman.

The Minister applauded First Homes Inc. for the development of its Green Living Communities where energy efficient homes will be constructed and completely powered by solar energy, while staying connected to the national grid.

Speaking at the launch of the project on Wednesday, at Caribbean Cabinets Company Limited’s showroom at Spring Garden Industrial Estate, Minister Kellman labeled the moment as a "historic one", since it was a first for Barbados.

He alluded to the proposed water saving devices, recycling programmes and the allocation of roof space for the creation of vegetable gardens, and noted it was not only in keeping with Government’s policy to promote a green economy, but it also had the potential to act as "a counter to many of the challenges currently faced in Barbados such as water scarcity and food insecurity".

The Minister further pointed out that the project would save the country foreign exchange as homeowners would be able to grow their own food, and, it would create job opportunities for creative minds because of the level of technology required.

He affirmed his Ministry’s support to the development of the Green Living Communities and other similar projects, especially when there was potential for export.????

The involvement of other local companies in the development of the project also received high praise from the Small Business Minister. He reasoned that the involvement of Caribbean Cabinets Company Limited in this project augured well for the promotion of the model, which, he said "will go a long way in strengthening the manufacturing sector.?? It creates linkages and has a multiplier effect with respect to economic activity".

Chief Executive Officer of Cumberwood Realty, Danny Cumberbatch, explained that First Homes Inc., which his company represents, formulated the idea due to difficulties which were being experienced by prospective homeowners during the current economic recession.????

"We plan to have affordable homes for all Barbadians," he affirmed, stating that?? the houses within the Green Living Communities would start at approximately $330,000, while townhouses would start at $440,000.


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