The delivery of services as well as the viability and competitiveness of the small business sector will soon be enhanced.

This was disclosed by acting Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Commerce and Small Business Development, Sonia Foster, at the opening ceremony for the Certificate of Training Workshop for Small Business Development Centre (SBDC) Counsellors and Directors in the Implementation of the Small Business Development Model this morning at the Savannah Hotel. The three-day certificate workshop is being hosted by the Barbados Government for the implementation of the Small Business Development Model.

According to Ms. Foster, the model was the operational framework through which the delivery of services for the small business sector in the United States of America was executed.

She added that this model for conducting business in the sector was expected to eliminate confusion on the part of small businesses in understanding which agency to visit to access specific services.

Describing the training workshop as both ???timely and critical,??? Ms. Foster stated that it was testimony to Government???s commitment to ???upgrade and improve??? not only ???our way of doing business,??? but ???also to build on the skills of our human capital which stands as the most critical component in the efficient delivery of any service???.

She told participants that it was her hope that the training would be ???exciting and rewarding??? and that they came away with ???a new appreciation of the small business sector, and a better understanding of their role in its continued development???.

The workshop is a partnership between the Barbados Government, the Organisation of American States, Caribbean Export Development Agency and the Institute for Economic Development, and the University of Texas at San Antonia.

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