Minister of Economic Affairs and Development, Mia Mottley (at left), CEO, Dr. Annalee Babb (at right) and Chairman Peter Boos (centre).



The Barbados International Business Promotion Corporation (BIBPC), created in November 2005 to promote this country’s international business sector, will now be trading under the new name Invest Barbados.

Word of this came today from Minister of Economic Affairs and Development, Mia Mottley, who said that Invest Barbados would now be the corporate name and would be seen in its signage in Barbados and in its offices abroad.

She observed that the BIBPC has had a smooth and successful transition from the Barbados Investment and Development Corporation and had brought over 42 staff members to carry out its mandate.

In giving the rationale for its establishment, she said the agency came about as a result of government’s decision to modernise its strategic approach towards further attracting and maintaining foreign investment in the international business sector, the call services sector, international manufacturing and generally international business, as well as a need to assist with the export of indigenous services.

Pointing out that Invest Barbados must be the lead institution in attracting foreign, direct investment into this country, Ms. Mottley said government was confident that it had a good product … and that Invest Barbados would make a significant difference in the kind of thrust which Barbados would make in closing the deficit which exists in its external current account, by creating other opportunities for investment.

Invest Barbados has the key role of unleashing the potential of the indigenous services sector in making it ready for the export market and to be strategic in attracting direct investment from foreign markets.

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