The Ministry of Agriculture is once again gearing up for an all out attack on the Giant African Snail.

To this end, officials from the Ministry will be staging a Community Snail Collection and Burning Exercise, this Saturday, March 28, beginning at 5:00 a.m., at three locations across the island.

Barbadians are being asked to assemble at Bagatelle, Pavillion, St. Thomas; Newbury hard courts in St. George and Deacons Resource Centre in Deacons, St. Michael to participate in this exercise.

Surrounding areas in St. Thomas will include Redman’s Village, Arthur Seat and Northern Warrens, while surrounding environs in St. George are Newbury, Gun Hill and Workman’s.  Residents from Eden Lodge, Deacons and Black Rock will support the Spring Garden, St. Michael area.

A senior ministry official stated that: “Come Saturday, March 28, the Ministry is going to re-launch its eradication programme. We are going to mount programmes where we pick and burn.”

“This is a national problem.  People seem to think it is a Ministry thing only, but it isn’t. We want residents, community groups, church groups, schools and the DEOs to join in this fight and get on board,” the official urged.

In addition, once the snails have been collected, officials will bring them to Lower Estate, St. Michael which is the Old Prison Farm site and burn them.

Participants are being encouraged to wear the appropriate clothing and join in the fight against the Giant African Snail.

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