Minister of Social Care Steve Blackett with an official from the Ministry.

The recreational programme of the National Assistance Board (NAB) has received a nod of approval from Minister of Social Care, Steve Blackett.

During a tour today of the Roy Thompson Memorial Centre in College Savannah, St. John, Mr. Blackett said he was impressed with the work of the participants, and the quality of the exhibits on display.

"It is wonderful to see the young, and not so young, engaged in such activities…We will look towards expanding the programme. One of the things I will be discussing with the Director of the NAB, and the board of management there, is the development of programmes to get the men involved…I think the problem is that men’s interests lie elsewhere," the Social Care Minister stated.

Participants in the National Assistance Board ‘s recreational programme.

He also suggested introducing a number of recreational activities such as dominoes and draughts in order to attract men to the programme.

The touring party, which comprised officials from the Ministry of Social Care, also visited the NAB and Welfare Department’s offices at Six Roads, St. Philip and the St. Philip South and St. Philip West Constituency Council’s offices located at Rices, St. Philip.

They were also treated to a dance and exercise routine by part-time instructor, Kim Rock.

The NAB’s recreational programme is held every Wednesday at the St. John location.??


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