Barbadians are being encouraged to come out and learn more about the island’s social services.

To this end, the Child Care Board will be hosting a Social Services and Health Expo next Tuesday, May 31, in Jubilee Gardens, the City, starting at 9:00 a.m.

Some of the departments which will be participating in the exhibition include the National Library Service, the Welfare Department, Juvenile Liaison Scheme, the Guidance Counsellors Association, Network Services, the National Disabilities Unit and the Barbados Youth Service.

There will also be free blood pressure and blood sugar tests by the Diabetes Association of Barbados.

During the day, children from seven schools will entertain passersby using drama, poetry, dance and song.

This Expo is designed to educate and empower families with the necessary information to assist them in making informed decisions. It will also bring the curtain down on activities to celebrate Child Month.


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