Visitors to this year???s Agrofest will notice a special addition to the lineup, when the Ministry of Energy???s refurbished solar house is reopened.

Chief Energy Conservation Officer, William Hinds, explained that the solar house, which will share space with the National Cultural Foundation???s Heritage Village installation, will feature a range of interactive displays.

These include the renewable energy focused ENERGY-OPOLY board game; a computer lab which features energy-themed educational games and information; and a geological display, as well as a Telecommunications Department exhibit and information on the Public Sector Smart Energy Fund.

Mr. Hinds disclosed that in the future, the revamped space could be used ???as a small meeting [room] for six persons???[this] demonstrates the solar house in a upgraded role as a solar centre, where meetings, computer lab education and the existing tours combine to deliver an enhanced facility and broader use for the government and the public.???

The Chief Energy Conservation Officer explained that the solar house would also continue to perform its original function ??? serving as a model of the world of possibilities with solar energy.

???The purpose of the solar house was to demonstrate to Barbadian householders what a solar electric system for a house looks like and what size is needed to power the average Barbadian home,??? Mr. Hinds said. ???It also features a solar powered attic fan, a sun pipe, as well as energy conservation systems such as roof and wall insulation, double glazed windows, cooling window over hangs and window tint,??? he noted, adding that a more up-to-date solar electric system had been installed to power an energy efficient air conditioner on site.

Offering thanks to his team members Horace Archer, Dara Haynes, Tracy Williams and other Ministry staff who contributed to the solar house upgrade, Mr. Hinds said that the public response to the house over the years has been heartening and he expects that Agrofest would encourage even more people to consider the value of alternative energy.

???The solar house has been well received with thousands of persons visiting and the response varying from good to excellent??? Barbados and the world over need to hasten our turn to more environmentally sound renewable energy,??? he said.

Agrofest, which will be held in Queen???s Park, The City, begins tomorrow.

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