The Solar House in Queen’s Park. (FP)

The Division of Energy will celebrate the 10th anniversary of the construction of its Solar House in Queen’s Park by opening it up for public viewing during Agrofest from Friday, February 24 to Sunday, February 26.

Patrons are invited to visit the solar house and participate in a number of activities, including a “Flip-The-Switch” competition and real-time analysis of photovoltaic (PV) systems.

They may also bring their electricity bills to the PV clinic, where experts will size and cost individualised solar PV systems.

A range of information will be available on energy efficient considerations for householders, the setting up of rainwater harvesting and renewable energy systems, and careers in the energy sector.

The initiative, which has as its theme Powering The Future, will also include exhibits featuring model oil and gas platforms, natural resources, the “Bajan Battery Wall” and sustainable energy.

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