Agriculturalists, gardening enthusiasts and householders will soon have an opportunity to learn how to use kitchen and garden waste for composting, when the Solid Waste Project Unit resumes its Home Composting Workshops next month.

Noting that this is the third year for the workshops, Waste Management Coordinator with Government???s Solid Waste Project Unit, Thora Lorde, said the benefits were two-fold.

???We are seeking to divert as much waste as possible from the landfill, and composting assists us in that regard, since organics make up approximately 30 percent of the waste finding its way there. The advantage for householders is that they would be able to use organic waste to make what is essentially a soil conditioner,??? she explained.

According to Ms. Lorde, compost provides nutrients as well as a conducive environment for plant growth.

The workshops will be held from 9:00 a.m. to 12 noon on the following dates:?? Saturday, June 13; Wednesday, July 8; Saturday, July 11; Wednesday, August 5; Saturday, August 8; Wednesday, September 16; Saturday, September 19; Wednesday, October 14; Saturday, October 17; Wednesday, November 11; Saturday, November 14; Wednesday, December 2; and Saturday, December 5.

Pointing out that persons needed only to turn up, Ms. Lorde said they could join the workshops at any point during the six-month period, since they would all follow a similar format.

The sessions will be conducted by three officers from the Solid Waste Project Unit, as well as an agricultualist from the private sector.

Interested persons may register by contacting the Solid Waste Project Unit, Maxwelton, Lower Collymore Rock, St. Michael, at telephone 427-5910.

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