Barbadians will next month have the opportunity to learn more about waste reduction, reusage, recycling and recovery when the Solid Waste Project Unit stages a 4R’s Fair in Independence Square.

It is slated to take place on Saturday, October 3, from 11:00 a.m. until 4:30 p.m.?? It will bring together various businesses which deal with reducing, reusing, recycling and recovery of energy from myriad waste materials.??

According to the Solid Waste Project Unit’s Waste Management Coordinator, Thora Lorde, the fair is principally a sensitisation initiative aimed at educating Barbadians about the "waste minimisation activities which are currently taking place on the island".

It is for this reason, she surmised, that they sought to attract a wide cross-section of businesses and organisations involved in this ongoing effort.

"Patrons will be able to meet the business persons to get a better understanding of what they, themselves could remove from their waste stream to put to more productive uses. Hopefully, with Barbadians better educated in these avenues, they would make use of them, thus reducing the burden of the amount of garbage which we have to deal with," Ms. Lord said.

Noting that patrons could feel free to bring small items such as telephone directories, paper, including newspaper and plastic bottles for recycling, she, however, underlined, that glass items would not be allowed.

"We do not want persons to bring glass or such items which could pose a problem for the police," the Solid Waste official explained.

In speaking about the inclusion of the fourth R -?? recovery – which involves the extraction of energy?? from waste products,?? Ms. Lorde said?? Government was exploring the feasibility?? of?? different waste-to-energy initiatives, as was currently being done by one recycler who used?? cooking?? oil?? for fuel for?? at least?? two?? industries.

Persons attending the fair can feel free to visit the various stalls on display and gain first-hand insight and answers to their questions.

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