Some asthmatics are not using their inhalers correctly and this could increase the risk of an attack.

Nurse Lavonne Bacchus of the Winston Scott Polyclinic told the Barbados Government Information Service that a number of Barbadians with the condition were either using their inhalers incorrectly or were not using them often enough.

To this end, the polyclinic will be having an education and awareness event tomorrow, May 3, at 10:30 a.m. in observation of World Asthma Day which was marked on Tuesday, May 1. The activity was deferred to Thursday because Tuesday was Labour Day – a national bank holiday.

"There are usually two inhalers – a preventor; if they have an attack they can take two pulls and that relieves the symptoms so they can breathe easier.?? [Then] there is the controller inhaler which they are supposed to use twice in the morning and twice in the evening on a daily basis. However, most people don’t do that; they only take it when they think they need it," Mrs. Bacchus said.

Visitors to the polyclinic will be treated to a video presentation, free literature about asthma as well as free aero chambers – devices that attach to metered dose inhalers to improve the administration of medicine to the user.

In addition, Mrs. Bacchus said the aim of the activity was to teach persons more about asthma, show them how to use inhalers in the right way and to emphasise the need for asthmatics to be compliant to their doctors’ advice.

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