As messages of condolence still continue to come in for former Prime Minister the Hon. David Thompson, every effort is being made to ensure that next Wednesday’s State Funeral will be a fitting tribute to his office.

The body of this nation’s sixth leader will leave Downes and Wilson Funeral Home on Eagle Hall at 8:25 gun carriage and the procession will travel along Westbury Road, President Kennedy Drive, before entering Kensington Oval via the northwest gate.

The traditional funeral service, which is expected to last one and a half hours, will begin with musical tributes, followed by two minutes of silence at 8:58 a.m., signaled by the sounding of a saluting gun before and after the period ends. The procession will journey from Kensington Oval via Eagle Hall, turn right at Bank Hall Cross Road, then left past Abundant Life Assembly, travel along Waterford and Waterford Bottom, turn right at the roundabout along the Barrow section of the ABC Highway, proceed to the Norman Niles Roundabout and then take a left turn at Salters junction. The party will then make its way to Charles Rowe Bridge, then right to the Glebe, Gun Hill, Newbury, Golden Ridge, Ashbury, Four Cross Roads, Pool, Small Hope and finally to St. John’s Parish Church at Gall Hill, for the private internment.??

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