Spectators at this year???s Independence Parade on Monday, November 30, at the Garrison Savannah will be in for an additional treat.

They will witness the handover of a commemorative Broken Trident symbolising the end of the 49th and the commencement of Barbados??? 50th year of Independence.

At the end of the parade, Governor-General, Sir Elliott Belgrave, will hand over the Trident to an escort from the Barbados Defence Force Sports Programme, comprising Rico Wiggins, Kemar Smith and Antonio Greenidge.

From Tuesday, December 1, until November 29 next year, under the theme: Our Pride, the Broken Trident will be carried across the island???s 11 parishes. Its presence will support the community independence celebrations in each parish and its movement will be in accordance with the Community Independence Celebrations Secretariat???s Parish Month activities.

A wide cross section of Barbadians will be selected to carry the Broken Trident on its year-long journey.??On November 30, 2016, the Broken Trident will rest at the 50th Anniversary of Independence Monument, which will be constructed on the Garrison Savannah.??

Conceptualised and designed by Donna Redman, the commemorative Broken Trident was constructed and donated by Williams Industries, as part of that company???s contribution to the 50th Anniversary of Independence.

The Broken Trident rests at the centre of Barbados??? National Flag, and is a representation of the island???s transition from colonial rule to self-governance. Its three points represent the democratic principles of government of, for and by the people. It is a symbol of the democratic political stability that Barbados has enjoyed since gaining Independence in 1966.


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