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Parents desirous of seeing an improvement in their children’s spelling skills are encouraged to attend the monthly meeting of the Barbados Association of Reading (BAR) tomorrow, Saturday, June 2, at Erdiston Teachers’ Training College.

Spelling Matters, the key topic for discussion, will be presented by Dr. Ann Fergusson, Acting Deputy Principal of the Garrison Secondary School, who will address strategies for improving spelling.

The meeting takes place in the Lecture Theatre of the College, Pine Hill, St. Michael at 6:00 p.m.

Members of BAR, teachers and the general public are invited to attend the session.

President of BAR and Education Officer, Undine Shorey,?? in appealing to parents to come out said, "spelling in the school is becoming more problematic, especially with?? the impact of technology where students are using abbreviation in texting."

She added: "This technology language has crept into their speaking and is invading formal language. It is, therefore, imperative that some attempt is made to formalise spelling and get it entrenched into our children’s language once again. BAR sees the need, therefore, to provide teachers and parents with strategies to cope with this alarming situation."

As part of the evening’s activities, BAR will also hold its Author’s Chair featuring Dr. Elmelda Charles-Clarke, Reading Teacher at St. Lucy Secondary School, who will share extracts from her own poetry.

The Author’s Chair provides an opportunity for BAR’s members to share their published work with others in the organisation, teachers, parents and guardians.


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