The National Sports Council (NSC) is currently developing a strategic plan to ensure that it remains up-to-date with the international scene, while facilitating the fulfillment of Barbados’ sporting potential.

This disclosure came from Minister of Sports and the Environment, Dr. Esther Byer Suckoo, while encouraging NSC staff, at the recent 30th Anniversary and Sports Award Ceremony, to make themselves available to the Council’s management and the Director, as they endeavour to produce this plan. “My support of the board of the NSC and, by extension, this plan, will be crucial to the success of any effort aimed at organizational improvement, as you are the ones on whom the nation depends,” she said.

Discussions with the University of the West Indies have already been initiated for the implementation of the NSC’s strategic plan, by month-end.

Minister Byer-Suckoo added that the process for the formulation of a national sports policy, which will provide a comprehensive framework for governing sports in all of its forms and influences, has already begun.

She stressed that although the National Sports Council had done exceptionally well with minimal resources over the resources over the years, Government sees the value of sports and its potential for the socio-economic propulsion of Barbados, to a level never seen before.

Government was eagerly awaiting the completion and endorsement of the policy document, said the Minister, “as we believe that it has unimaginable potential”.

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