Minister of Family, Youth and Sports, Dr. Esther Byer Suckoo (FP)????

The new location of the Pickwick Cricket Club at Foursquare, St. Philip, might provide opportunities that did not exist when the Club was resident in Fontabelle, and such opportunities must be identified and seized.

This advice was given recently by Minister of Family, Youth and Sports, Dr. Esther Byer Suckoo, as she delivered remarks at the official opening ceremony of the Foursquare Oval.

Noting that in the new surroundings, the club could now refocus and plan for its future, she said that there must be scope for other sports such as hockey and football. "There is a greater need for the constituent elements of our national sporting structure to work more closely together in a deliberate manner, for such is the only means by which we can truly bring meaningful development to sport in Barbados," Dr. Byer Suckoo opined.

She added that the trans-disciplinary nature of sport, its pervasive societal impact and the potential it held for instigating and effecting change throughout myriad policy sectors, "demands an appreciation of such and a concerted effort to ensure that our individual activities are not undertaken in isolation".

The Sports Minister congratulated the Club on its accomplishment, remarking that the facility was born out of the action of a core group of stakeholders, who were convinced of the importance and value of their strategic mission.

"I am certain that within the membership of Pickwick there is a diversity of skills and abilities, which, if appropriately channelled, can have a significant multiplier effect; and I encourage you to use that adhesive quality that binds you together toward a common purpose, for greater good.

"I urge you to develop your social arm as an organisation to benefit society. I am certain that the communities around this splendid facility will benefit by your taking up residence here," Dr. Byer Suckoo stated.

In his brief remarks, Prime Minister David Thompson, said the relocation of Pickwick to Foursquare would be a boost to cricket in Barbados as a whole. He also expressed the desire for the club to expand its membership and also its influence in Barbados.??????????????????

During the opening ceremony, the northern and southern ends of the cricket ground were officially named the Arthur Bethell and Vasbert Drakes ends, respectively. The land for constructing the club was donated by Sir David Seale.

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