St. Alban???s Primary School has been lauded for promoting science and technology over the years.

The praise came today from Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation, Senator Harry Husbands as he addressed the opening of the school???s Science Expo on its compound, at Weston, St. James.

???St. Alban???s School in all of Barbados, and maybe in all of the Caribbean, is the leader in the promotion of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths.

“There is no other school that I know of??? that has been holding a science exhibition/expo for the last three or four years. As a matter of fact you are even ahead of the Ministry of Education,??? stressed Mr. Husbands.

He complimented Principal Angela Ramsay, teachers and students for leading with the Science Expo and STEM, while parents were praised for devoting their time, energy and money to assist the school in the ???very worthwhile endeavour???.

The Parliamentary Secretary urged the students to pay ???special attention to their Science and Mathematics lessons??? whether they were at St. Alban???s or at secondary school.

???My point to you is to use the opportunity you have now because the amount of Science and Maths that you know now will determine, in the future, your quality of life,??? Mr. Husbands advised.

Today???s event was held under the theme: Empowering Our World Through STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts/Agriculture and Mathematics).

Principal Ramsay, noting that its focus was on renewable energy, pointed out that St. Alban???s was one of the buildings selected by Government to be outfitted with the photovoltaic cell under a Japanese project in 2014.

She said the Science Expo provided a wonderful opportunity for parents and children to work together. ???What I can say is that parent/school relations were strengthened here,??? she affirmed.

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