St. Alban???s Primary School will hold its annual Science Expo tomorrow Friday, June 5, at 10:30 a.m., as part of its efforts to mark Environment Week.

The event will be held under the theme: Empowering Our World through STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts/Agriculture and Mathematics).

According to Science Teacher and coordinator, Carol-Ann Gill, the focus of the event is to encourage students and their parents as well as others in the community to utilise renewable energy sources.

???This will help show them how to save energy, reduce electricity and waste. Additionally it will allow them to hone skills in building models for their projects, learn sustainable living and prepare students, from early, for careers in this area,??? she said of the Expo.

Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation, Senator Harry Husbands, will deliver brief remarks at the start of the event and members of the public are expected to be in attendance at the school in Taylor???s Gap, Weston, St. James.

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