The St. George South Constituency Council is on a mission to restore normalcy to the lives of persons in that constituency who have been displaced by Tropical Storm Tomas.

To this end, the Council will host a fund-raising social on Friday, November 19, from 6:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m. at the Dash Valley playing field, Dash Valley, St. George.

The storm, which passed over Barbados on October 30, damaged at least 80 houses, particularly in the areas of South District, Ellerton, Drax Hall and Workmans.???? As a result, the Council has compiled a list of affected persons for submission to the Rural Development Commission, the Welfare Department, the Department of Emergency Management and other Government agencies, in order to facilitate these individuals.

In addition, the Council, in collaboration with the Ministry of Social Care and the Welfare Department, have relocated those members of the community whose homes were deemed un-inhabitable. They have also been providing the basic necessities, such as food and clothing to the more vulnerable households.

Furthermore, the Council has advised residents of St. George South to contact the office at 435-4463, or the Chairman, Ruall Harris at 266-3227, to indicate their needs, or to make a contribution to relief and rehabilitation efforts.??

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