President of the St. Leonards Boys’ School’s PTA, Dale Forde (right), presents one of the six tablets to Head of the Department of Business Studies, Marlyn Chandler-Gibson. (GP)

The Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) of the St. Leonard’s Boys’ School is ensuring that no boy is left behind.

The association and management of the Richmond Gap, St. Michael school have been working together to ensure that every student on the roll has a device to facilitate online learning, in preparation for the September 2020 school term.

President of the PTA, Dale Forde, recently presented six tablets to the school on behalf of the association.

She explained that the COVID-19 pandemic had hindered fundraising activities, and the devices were purchased with the PTA’s “very limited funds”.  She added that the school needed another 50 to 70 devices to distribute to students.

Ms. Forde pointed out that the Information Technology lab also required an upgrade to its equipment, and expressed thanks to the old scholars who have helped so far, in this regard.  

She explained that they were also working on getting the boys more adept in the current technology with help from the Ministry of Innovation, Science and Smart Technology (MIST).

“Just before online school [started], I was surprised that while a lot of the boys have mobile phones and can use them efficiently, a lot of them did not have an email address, and could not do basic things, such as send an email.  Mr. Charles Cyrus [from MIST] has been guiding me on what we had to do to facilitate the teaching; what equipment we needed; sourcing possible teachers and he was kind enough to offer space at MIST if we needed it, and if it was available,” Ms. Forde said, adding that she would also like to see coding taught at the school.

While the PTA and the school’s management is thankful for what has been done so far to help students, Ms. Forde underscored the need for further assistance.

“We still need more devices and we are asking for people’s support to ensure that every one of our boys will have a device for the new school term because it is a critical part of education.

“We are encouraging the boys to take good care of the devices and we ask the parents to monitor their use of them.  We only strive for the best of everything for our boys because they deserve it,” she emphasised.

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