The St. Leonard’s Boys’ School, with over 1100 students, has been described as "on an upward trajectory" having settled down since it’s challenging times, in 2007.

Minister of Education and Human Resource Development, Ronald Jones, made this assertion yesterday, following a tour of the school at St. Leonard’s Avenue and an inspirational talk with students.

Mr. Jones recalled that in October 2008, current Principal Joseph King made efforts "to reengineer an ethos which was good for learning in all of its forms and to create the level of confidence that the school so badly needed".

He stressed: "My assessment in monitoring the school in the last three years would suggest that the school is on an upward trajectory. Obviously, leadership of a school has to have the fullest support of all members of staff, as well as the support of parents and guardians of the school and I think that continues."

The school’s administration was commended for its programmes and its "keen approach" to making the young men at St. Leonard’s Secondary utilise their various talents in the choir; Spanish; the Duelling Chef’s Competition; industrial arts and sports. "All of these very programmes have created a sense of belonging for the students and the teachers," Mr. Jones said.

Acknowledging that the school’s image was now more positive, the former teacher stressed "…We believe that schools can be turned around and this school has been and continues to be turned around, and for some parents now this school is first choice on their application forms for transfer from primary to secondary and that says a lot."

The boys of St. Leonard’s were lauded too for "carrying themselves well" and it was noted that they were well-attired, from the first form "right through to upper fifth." Likewise, the Minister complimented students on their punctuality and observed that the school’s reporting mechanism for tardiness made parents explain the reasons.??


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