St. Luke???s Brighton Primary today became the first school to receive the commemorative Broken Trident.

Deputy Chairman of the 50th Anniversary Independence Coordinating Committee, Senator Dr. Esther Byer Suckoo, attended the school???s morning assembly and addressed the 135 students on the importance of Independence, and the significance of transporting the Trident across the island???s eleven parishes.

Senator Byer Suckoo quizzed students on their knowledge of Independence, as well as reinforced the importance of The National Pledge, Motto and the Broken Trident.

Noting that the Broken Trident was a symbol of the island???s freedom, the Minister urged students when they saw it on the flag to think of those things which made them proud to be Barbadian. Students also shared their own reasons for being proud of Barbados, including free school meals, education, elections and free health care.

Principal of the school, Beverley Piggott, thanked the Minister, the Barbados Defence Force and the media for being present at the milestone event, which she believed would be etched in the minds of students and staff alike. She noted it was part of the school???s intention to elevate St. George and Barbados, and expressed pride at being the first school to have the Broken Trident exhibited.

The information delivered in the Minister???s address, she observed, would serve as a form of reinforcement for the school???s Social Studies programme and for its quiz, which would take place on Wednesday, January 20, in honour of the Right Excellent Errol Walton Barrow.

The Broken Trident rests at the centre of Barbados??? National Flag and is a representation of the island???s transition from colonial rule to self-governance.??Its three points represent the democratic principles of government of, for and by the people. It is a symbol of the democratic political stability that Barbados has enjoyed since gaining Independence in 1966.

As a symbol of Barbados??? golden jubilee of self-governance, Governor-General Sir Elliott Belgrave handed over the commemorative Broken Trident, which carries the number 50, to an escort from the Barbados Defence Force Sports Programme. The ceremonial passing of the Broken Trident symbolised the end of the 49th and commencement of the 50th year of Barbados??? Independence.

The Broken Trident was presented to Prime Minister Freundel Stuart at the official launch of the 50th Anniversary celebrations on Wednesday, January 6, in Independence Square. It was then passed to St. George Parish Ambassadors, Jalissa Proverbs and Justin Clarke, to begin its journey around Barbados.

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