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The St. Michael Parish Independence Committee (PIC) has intensified its efforts to sensitise members of its community, including children, about the importance of energy conservation as part of its outreach project – Operation Solar: Illuminating the Past…Powering the Future.

It recently gave the students of Ann Hill School an opportunity to learn more about renewable energy by touring Dr. Erskine Simmons’ residence, which is powered by wind and solar energy.

During the tour, Dr. Simmons explained the use and benefits of wind and solar energy. He also urged the students and their teachers to reduce their energy usage by replacing incandescent light bulbs with energy saving ones and adjust their electricity usage habits.

In an effort to help the children appreciate the alternative energy sources, the PIC members educated them about tools such as the kerosene lamps and stoves which were used to generate energy in the past, before the introduction of electricity.Additionally, members of the Committee recently visited residents of Haggatt all and distributed a number of energy saving bulbs, as well as shared literature on energy conservation.

A member of the Committee explained that this initiative was undertaken to help the residents reduce their light bills by using less energy and gauge their usage by the kilowatt measure on the bills.

The official said the Committee also highlighted some of the alternative energy choices available here and reminded the residents that everyone in the household would have to work together to ensure the various energy saving guidelines were followed.


Author: Sharon Austin/CICS

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