St. Michael Ambassadors, Crystal Providence and Kerry Rollins, presenting a token of appreciation to patient, Doris Barker. (CICS)??

The St. Michael Parish Independence Committee (PIC) and its ambassadors are continuing to spread cheer in their community.

As part of its project outreach programme, they recently visited the Charleston Senior Citizens’ Home, at St. Stephen’s Hill, Black Rock, St. Michael, and the ambassadors later presented the patients with a token of appreciation.????????????????

According to a spokesperson for the PIC, the staff and patients of the Home??expressed pleasure at the visit, with the latter group answering questions and offering words of encouragement. "We??were??extremely??delighted to meet the patients as they reminisced about old time," the spokesperson stated.

??The Michael PIC will continue this activity at other senior citizens’ homes throughout the St. Michael community. They will visit Golden Towers Nursing Home, Welches Gardens; Peace Haven Senior Citizens’ Home, Mayers Road, My Lord’s Hill; Almair Senior Citizens’ Home, 4th Avenue Belleville; Good Citizens Nursing Home, 3rd Avenue Grazettes Main Road; and Spooner’s Hill Senior Citizens’ Home.

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