Food Bank Manager, Donna Barker, sorting the food items donated by The St. Michael School Alumni of Toronto, Canada.
(E. Jones/BGIS)

The shelves of the HIV Food Bank are now even better stocked, thanks to a donation of food items from The St. Michael School Alumni of Toronto, Canada.

A barrel with the foodstuff was presented to Food Bank Manager, Donna Barker, on Wednesday by founder of the HIV Food Bank and an old scholar of the St. Michael School, Vashti Inniss.

Ms. Inniss said she had met members of the Alumni last July at a speaking engagement in Toronto and she was pleased with their response to her request for support of the Food Bank.

In thanking the Alumni for its donation, Ms. Barker pointed out that the group had provided the Food Bank with monetary support in the past.

She added: "We are fortunate today to receive a donation of such variety and quality from the Alumni, and we look forward to its support in the future."

The items donated included pasta, cereals (rice and cornmeal), peanut butter, canned fish, dried fruit, canned soups, peas and toiletries.

Ms. Barker also urged corporate Barbados to continue supporting the Food Bank by donating food, conducting a food drive or fund raiser, making corporate donations, volunteering time or by joining the "Adopt-A-Shelf" Project.??

Further information on the Food Bank may be obtained by contacting Donna Barker at 467-9399.


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