Minister of Tourism, Richard Sealy (right) and Principal Shelton Perkins take in the The St. Michael School Speech Day, held this morning at the New Dimensions Church, Barbarees Hill, St. Michael. (C. Pitt/BGIS)

Examples of excellence were the order of the day, when the St. Michael’s School hosted its Speech Day this morning at the New Dimensions Church, Barbarees Hill, St. Michael.

Addressing the awardees, staff and students of the school, Minister of Tourism, Richard Sealy, offered praise to all those who continued to uphold excellence at the institution, adding that he had "heard of this all-time high of a 91 per cent pass rate" with respect to the Caribbean Examinations Council Certificate.?? "That is excellent by any standard and, in my view, reiterates just how well the school is doing," he said.

Minister Sealy offered congratulations to the awardees of ???Honours Ties’ awards, which were given to students who had reached a national or international standing in sports and other disciplines. He remarked that he was impressed, not only by the number of awardees, but by the range of areas, which included archery, skateboarding, essay writing, weightlifting and golf, among the more traditional sports.

Offering his life experience as an example, Minister Sealy advised the students that it was important to take interest in multiple spheres.

"[There is a need] to develop yourself as a well rounded individual.?? It is rather ironic, in my view, that…with the internet and with the capacity to communicate so easily, it seems as though some people are not taking advantage [of this technology]"

he said, adding that students should not shy away from making an effort, as "you will benefit once you work hard".

Principal of The St. Michael School, Shelton Perkins, expressed satisfaction with the school’s performance over the past academic year and gave the assurance that the institution would continue to strive to reach for excellence.?? Among the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate ??awardees this year were Lily Hutchinson, Hope Jordan and Lorin Warren, who received passes in nine subjects at Grades 1 and 2; and Akili Atherley, Zack Bagot, Shanique Caddle, Ria Connell, Dorial Quintyne, who received passes in eight subjects, at Grades 1 and 2.?? Rishi Panjwani copped awards for service to school and country and for being prefect of the year.


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