Members of the 2019 Parish Independence Committee and Pastor Wendell Clarke (centre) following the Palm Sunday Service at the Bethany Baptist Church. (St. Peter PIC)

The St. Peter Parish Independence Committee hopes to help residents develop a greater awareness of their past, to help them appreciate their current situation and plan for the future, with the 2019-2020 parish project Exploring Our Heritage; Enriching Communities.

This was stated at the Parish Launch and Parish Ambassadors Induction Ceremony, held last Sunday at the Bethany Baptist Church Palm Sunday service.

The 2019 Ambassadors Cody Redman-Boyce and Karina Browne received their instruments of office, and were presented with their sashes by last year’s male Parish Ambassador and Attendant, Alexander O’Neale and Carmel Weir, respectively.

The 2019 Ambassadors aim to sensitize parishioners about their heritage by erecting signage across the parish, highlighting and detailing the history and significance of locations such as Battaleys and the forts of Speightstown, as well as re-introduce the former Arbib Trail.

They also pointed out that they hope to foster greater community spirit as they interact with residents during their walk-throughs and other public events.

Community Independence Celebrations Secretariat

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