St. Ursula???s School has taken the top spot in this year???s Fish Dish Competition.

The school, which also took the top prizes for Most Creative Dish, with their selection of Flying Fish and Bajan Cherry Chutney parcel, and Best Overall Presentation, was named the overall winner yesterday evening after a fierce competition against St. Winifred???s School and St. Leonard???s Boys??? School.

Additionally, St. Winifred???s School won Most Original Dish with its Sweet Potato and Barracuda Royale, while St. Leonard???s Boys??? took the prize for Tastiest Dish thanks to its Grilled Billfish and Sweet Potato Croquette selection.

Coordinated annually by the Fisheries Division to mark Fisherman???s Day on June 29, the aim of the competition is to provide an opportunity for young people to showcase their creativity in fish preparation; to encourage the consumption of fish and promote its nutritional benefits; and to promote the awareness of the various local fish species.

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