Minister of Sports, Stephen Lashley??

Government is on stream to commence work on the track at the National Stadium in five months.

This assurance came today from Minister of Sports, Stephen Lashley, after the opening ceremony for the Pine Hill Dairy National Primary Schools’ Athletic Championships (NAPSAC) at the National Stadium, Waterford, St. Michael.

Mr. Lashley said in a brief interview: "The Ministry recognises the importance of adequate facilities for the continued development of our athletes. Notwithstanding the delays we have experienced, the Government has approved the funding for the replacement of the track and we are on stream to commence work immediately after Crop Over this year."

The Minister stated that he was aware of the challenges regarding the removal of music from sports at the stadium, but suggested that more drums should be included in the games next year.

"It is clear that NAPSAC has etched its way onto the cultural landscape. This annual exhibition of sporting talent by our youth was traditionally accompanied by a vibrant atmosphere, characterised by expressions of dance, song and creative musical accompaniment.

"… I am of the view that the creativity of young musicians could be incorporated into our schools sports, albeit in a structured and disciplined manner. In this regard, I will continue to champion the cause to ensure that this important part of our sporting heritage, which is an enhancement to our sports industry, is not lost forever," Mr. Lashley promised.

Assistant Director of Sports at the National Sports Council, Mona Alleyne, commended the athletes for breaking many records during the zonal meets. She urged the parents to continue encouraging their children "to do what they can" and join them in living healthy lifestyles.


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