Government is still engaging the agriculture and manufacturing sectors with respect to concessions for the hotel industry.

Minister of Industry, International Business, Commerce and Small Business Development, Donville Inniss, said that talks were still ongoing among the various stakeholders on this issue.

He noted that last Friday (February 14) representatives from the Barbados Manufacturers??? Association; the Barbados Agricultural Society; the Barbados Hotel and Tourism Association; the Barbados Tourism Investment Inc., and the Barbados Investment and Development Corporation met to review present and any future concessions accorded to hotels, especially in the area of food and beverage, and the implications for the agriculture and manufacturing sectors.

???Right now we are looking at the concessions programme and how we can minimise the fall out to the agriculture and manufacturing sectors, and more importantly, how we can seek to bring the manufacturing, agriculture and hotel sectors closer together to agree on ways that all sides would get maximum benefits. And those were the main goals of our talks,??? he said.

Mr. Inniss also noted that discussions will continue this Friday, February 21, and the Barbados Chamber of Commerce would be included in the meeting.

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