Folkestone, St. James. (FP)

Noise and dust control measures will be in place as phase two of the $10 million Holetown Waterfront Improvement project gets under way from Monday, April 15.

These were among assurances given to residents, business owners and hoteliers recently by Project Manager, Rachael Worrell, during a stakeholder consultation at the Trents Community Centre to update them on plans for development in the area.

Work on this phase of the project will involve the installation of several groynes, revetments and the installation of a fluidiser to improve drainage in the area. This work is expected to be completed by December 1, in time for the 2013 tourist winter season.

Ms. Worrell explained that Folkestone was the "hub" of the project, and work would start on April 15, and last the duration of the project.

Meanwhile, work will also start from the Coral Reef Club to the Bellairs Research Institute from April and run until August.?? Work on the area north of Folkestone stretching to the Coral Reef Club is expected to run from May until July, and resume again in September; while work will run from Settlers Beach to The Sandpiper Inn from August to September. The project team will then move onto the area running from Caribbean Cot to the Holetown Police Station from September to November.

However, Engineer at Baird and Associates, A. Karima Degia, stressed that these timelines were not "set in stone" but were subject to change depending on varying circumstances. She explained that the current schedule was based on a five-day work week, but there was a possibility of extended hours and work being done on weekends to ensure that the project was completed on time.

She added that there was also the possibility where construction hours could be adjusted to accommodate stakeholders. "This is the current plan, but there is always the possibility of changes. You will be kept abreast of any changes made," she assured those in attendance.

Ms. Degia said that phase one of the Holetown Waterfront Improvement project started on October 22 last year, and ran from the area of Heron Bay Road to Queens Forte in Holetown. It was completed earlier than originally anticipated, and resulted in four gryones and associated beach nourishment being installed to combat beach erosion in the area.

"We are very pleased with the outcome," she added. However, she noted that there were some "minor issues" being experienced and, therefore, some modifications would have to be made.

The Holetown Waterfront Improvement project forms part of the overall five-year US$42.2 million Coastal Risk Assessment and Management programme being funded by the Inter-American Development Bank and the Barbados Government.

Contractors for the project are C.O. Williams, while it is being overseen by Baird and Associates and executed by the Coastal Zone Management Unit.


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