A government minister is of the view that the State must embrace and employ the latest in technology if it was serious about making it easier for individuals to do business.

Speaking last Wednesday night at the15th anniversary and the official opening of PromoTech at the Massy Dome, Warrens, St. Michael, Minister of Industry, International Business, Commerce and Small Business Development, Donville Inniss, charged that the State ???must do better and do more in terms of the utilisation and deployment of technology within the public apparatus.

???The reality about it is that from the State???s end we have to do much better at the use of technology across the world???We simply have in this society to stop talking about the importance of technology and really embrace it.

???I am deeply troubled that in spite of the fact that we are the most wired society in the Western Hemisphere ??? when you look at the number of cell phones, the penetration of the Internet in the households around Barbados ??? we are number three in the Western Hemisphere when it comes to access to the Internet and access in technology.??

“However, I am a little concerned that we are not always using it in a manner that leads to the highest level of productivity in this country and I really think that we can do better,??? he surmised.

Part of the challenge, he said was that we must encourage our children to utilise this technology as we may be fostering and developing the next Bill Gates or the latest technologist.

???Everything must be done in balance???I???m not saying that we don???t tell them to read, write or do arithmetic, as that is quite important???We have a very good education system, second to none.

“But, while the fundamentals of our education system must remain intact, we must ensure that our young people have access to the technology as well that they can use in a very positive manner,??? Mr. Inniss reasoned.

The Minister added that as we look towards the future, he would like to see a Barbados that is truly technologically-driven and one that appreciates the value in those persons who have opted to go into that discipline.

???We have in this society today a belief that there is a premium to be placed on those who enter the fields of Medicine or Law. We still believe as a society that we can look on from a little distance to those who go into the technology field.

“I want to suggest that part of the bright future in Barbados lies in us entering the opportunities where our young bright boys and girls really grab hold of the future that lies in being programmers, developers and system administrators,??? he underscored.


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