It is with a very heavy heart and with a very great sense of sadness that I have to inform you that the rescue team drawn from the very best that the United States has to offer did work through the night and the early morning and the information and advice presented to us, is that it is very highly unlikely that there are any survivors to the tragedy at Arch Cot Terrace.  It would take indeed a miracle.

The affected family has been informed and they are necessarily and obviously traumatised by the news.  We are doing our very best to provide them with counselling and help at this very difficult moment in their lives and I would only ask that the people of Barbados offer their prayers to them at this very difficult time in their lives and remember them in their thoughts.  We now have to take decisions to move forward with this very difficult situation.  

The advice before us is that we should move from the rescue stage to the recovery stage and all actions are being now taken to quickly advance to that level, especially since we expect very shortly to be affected by a tropical wave which would make the recovery effort even more difficult.   
I would ask the Ministers to inform you of the specific matters that have been taken to define the stability of the area and to continue to render assistance to those affected, but on behalf of the Government and the people of Barbados, I think I have the duty on this very sad occasion to offer our sympathies to those who have been affected and to let them know that the entire country has them in their prayers. 

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