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It was with deep regret that I learnt of the recent passing of Ambassador Ernest Besley Maycock.

Ambassador Maycock was one of this country’s leading public servants known for his keen mind and sound organising skills that led to his stellar career as one of this island’s most beloved diplomats. Although he served in the wider public service, in the Ministries of Education and Agriculture, it was his tenure in the Foreign Service for which he is most acclaimed. He enjoyed an esteemed and enviable career that saw him becoming Barbados’ Permanent Representative to the United Nations in August 1990 after service at Ottawa and at senior levels in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Easy going, affable and engaging with colleagues at all levels, Ambassador Maycock was a friend to all, often offering words of advice to bring out the best in young officers with whom he worked. In fact, he made it a point to visit the Ministry every time he returned to Barbados to brief his Senior and Junior Officers on issues on the UN Agenda, especially on candidatures. 

On his retirement from the Barbados Public Service, Ambassador Maycock returned to the United Nations to continue his distinguished career, serving on the powerful Advisory Committee on Administrative and Budgetary Questions (ACABQ). Possessed with a cool but firm demeanour, he was also a tough negotiator who thoroughly understood the UN system, UN administration and international politics.

On behalf of the Barbados Government, especially the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade, I wish to extend my deepest condolences to Ambassador Maycock’s family, especially his widow Kitty and children. May he rest in peace!

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade

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