Prime Minister Freundel Stuart has paid tribute to the life and work of one of this country’s most outstanding citizens Sir Branford Taitt.??

"It is with acute sadness that I was made aware of the death of Sir Branford Taitt this morning. ??As Prime Minister, and leader of the Democratic Labour Party, I take this opportunity to extend to his wife and children my sincere condolences, on behalf of the entire nation. We have lost a true patriot who devoted his life to selflessly serving the people of Barbados over 47 years.

At the official level, Sir Branford served Barbados with distinction in many spheres, having been Minister of Trade, Industry and Commerce, and Member of the Barbados Senate from 1971-1976; Minister of Tourism and Industry from 1986-1987; Minister of Health from 1987-1993; ??and Minister of Foreign Affairs from 1993-1994.

Of special note is his outstanding service to manufacturing and industry in Barbados, commencing with his appointment as Manager of the Barbados Development Board and US representative of the Barbados Industrial Development Corporation in New York from 1965-1967, where he developed his known business acumen and built a stellar international career.?? The latter started with his employment by the United Nations in 1962, with special international career highlights being his membership of Barbados delegations to the United Nations from 1966-1971; service as Consul General of Barbados from 1967-1971, and appointment as Foreign Minister of Barbados from 1993-1994. ??

His illustrious parliamentary service in the House of Assembly started with his election as Member of Parliament for St. Michael West in September 1976, and continued uninterruptedly from that time until 1999. He formally retired from elective politics in 2004.

He returned to the Senate in January 2008 and served with distinction as the President of the Senate from 2008 to March 2012.?? He had the highest national award of Knight of St. Andrew (KA) bestowed upon him in 2010.

His academic achievements were many, and he received many awards.?? He served his church well, being a member of the Anglican Diocesan Synod for many years.

At the party level, he held several positions in the Democratic Labour Party, and served as General Secretary (1994-1999) and President of the Democratic Labour Party (1978-1980 and 1982-1985).

He was loved by members of the Democratic Labour Party and the public at large and will be sadly missed, particularly at this important moment in our nation. May he rest in peace".


Author: Prime Minister’s Office/BGIS

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