Throughout our 40 years of existence, the Barbados Defence Force has remained committed to our primary role in the defence and security of Barbados and inseparably to the highest standards of discipline of all service persons. 

The conduct of all members of the Barbados Defence Force is governed by the Laws of Barbados, Military Law as set out in the Defence Act and grounded in the Code of Conduct and Core Values of the organization.

Members of the Barbados Defence Force are not exempt from adhering to the aforementioned laws, legislation, rules and regulations. 

All members of the Barbados Defence Force are committed to upholding the Laws of Barbados and working collaboratively with our stakeholders to maintain law and order. 

In the event that members of the Force are suspected of breaching laws, Headquarters Barbados Defence Force wishes to reassure the public that we remain committed to investigating and supporting the investigation of allegations as they do not reflect the high standards of our military.

Barbados Defence Force

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