It is with profound sadness that the Executive and Members of the Barbados Youth Development Council learnt of the passing of our late Prime Minister, The Hon. David J.H Thompson in the wee hours of this morning. Indeed this is a sad day in the history of our country. Though words cannot suffice, we wish to express our deepest condolences to his wife Mara, his daughters Misha, Oya and Osa-Marie, his parents, his extended family, close friends and constituents.

Indeed Prime Minister Thompson exuded an affable, humble and easy going personality which made him extremely popular among our youth. No doubt he was an outstanding statesman, visionary and an intellectual. Our youth will forever remember the great contribution our late Prime Minister has made to our social, political and economic development both on the individual and collective level.

For our part we remember and greatly appreciate his emphasis and investment in our young people. As we reflect on such policies and programmes as the National Summer Camp Programme, the Constituency Councils, subsidized bus fares for our school children, the creation of the Barbados Youth Service, the establishment of the Ministry of Family and his tremendous support to numerous youth organisations including the BYDC, it is clear to see that our Prime Minister had a special place in his heart for our youth.

Indeed we can say that through the work of our late Prime Minister, our young people have been fully recognized as nation builders as promised in his introductory message of the his party’s Youth Manifesto. To honour his memory the BYDC implores all Barbadian youth to uphold the high standards set by our Prime Minister and to continue his vision of building a more peaceful, prosperous and progressive society.

We also wish at this time to express sincerest condolences to all Barbadians, on the behalf of our sister National Youth Councils across the region who have shown great solidarity and support by way of their calls, emails and text messages during this time of national sorrow.

Rest in Peace Prime Minister Thompson, you are forever etched in our memories.

The Executive and Members

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