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Missing Wards of the Government Industrial School

Minister of Home Affairs and Information, Wilfred Abrahams, has stated that the safe return of two wards of the girls’ division of the Government Industrial School at Barrows, St Lucy is a priority of the Ministry of Home Affairs, following an incident there over the weekend.

The two girls absconded under circumstances that are now under investigation, but even as resources are focused in that direction, the safety and well-being of these two remain at the top of our agenda.

While all protocol and procedures at the facility are being reviewed as a result of the incident, in the interim very specific measures have been implemented to secure that facility and ensure that all remaining residents are safe and comfortable.

I assure the families of the wards currently at the facility that they are safe and being well looked after, and that all steps will be taken to ensure that those who absconded are returned safely to the facility.

Minister of Home Affairs and Information, the Hon. Wilfred Abrahams

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