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I want to give you an update on the situation regarding the backlog of patient Discharge Certificates.

Last Wednesday, February 2, the backlog was 3,357 and went to approximately 4,400. On Monday, February 7, a backlog of patient discharge certificates was reduced to 2,002.

I’m pleased to report that the backlog was cleared yesterday. This was due to the collaborative efforts of the Ministry of Health and Wellness’ Information Technology Department, the polyclinics and the Home Isolation team. I wish to thank them for their continued commitment and support during this difficult period.

We are current with the patient Discharge Certificates and we’ve put a plan in place to remain current. That plan includes an interim Automated Discharge System, which will allow Discharge Certificates to be generated automatically and sent via email.

The permanent solution for the automated system in the Ministry of Health and Wellness Information System, known as Shape, is being expanded to fully reflect an integrated patient management module. The current system also takes into consideration persons diagnosed at the three private labs that are currently doing PCR tests.

The public is reminded to provide accurate email addresses to ensure a smoothness of discharge from isolation. Let me assure Barbadians that the Ministry will continue to monitor the situation and update them accordingly.

Thank you

Minister of Health and Wellness, Ian Gooding-Edghill

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