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All 236 members of staff of the National Assistance Board have been tested for COVID-19, and no additional positive results have been recorded.

Consequently, officials of the Ministry of Health and Wellness have advised Barbadians, particularly elderly and incapacitated persons who depend on personnel from the Home Help Service for assistance, that they have nothing to fear while interacting with these workers.

Additionally, the Ministry of People Empowerment and Elder Affairs has reiterated that while the headquarters of the NAB is closed in accordance with the advice of health officials, its Home Help Programme remains fully functional.

Acting Chief Medical Officer Dr. Kenneth George explained that personnel from the Ministry of Health had been engaged in rigorous contact tracing since the first case was discovered and they were now satisfied there was no additional threat to the public.

He explained that after the completed course of testing, there remained five positive cases among office staff of the NAB headquarters, which had been traced to one member who had come into contact with a family member with a travel history.

The one non-office staffer who tested positive, a home helper, investigations showed, came into contact with one of the members of the office staff.

As a result of intensive investigations of this home helper’s case, including testing of the individual and family members, George explained that there was no need for any fear among clients of the service.

“The Ministry of Health and Wellness’ position is that our elderly and vulnerable face no threat of COVID-19 by interacting with home helpers or the other members of staff who provide at-home services.

“Of course, the public can be assured that if there is a change in circumstances, we will be frank and honest with them,” Dr. George said.

Roy R. Morris
Press Secretary to the Prime Minister

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