The importance of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) in schools will take centre stage when the EduNation Forum comes off at the Queens’ Park Steel Shed, The City, on Thursday, October 4, at 9:30 a.m.

Students in Fifth and Sixth forms from the island’s public and private secondary schools, as well as education officials and professionals leading the advancement of STEAM, will discuss pertinent topics relating to the theme for Education Month “Building Excellence in Education through STEAM”.

Those persons making presentations are Director of the National Council for Science and Technology, Charles Cyrus, who will speak on What is STEAM and How Technology can be Used To Build Excellence in Education; Principal of Queen’s College, Dr. David Browne, will present on The importance of the Arts in Achieving Excellence through STEAM;  and Chief Research and Planning Officer in the Ministry of Labour and Social Partnership Relations, Ricardo Norville, will address How STEAM can Prepare Persons for the Labour Market and its Requirements.

There will also be presentations by Guidance Counsellor of The St. Michael School, Margaret Grant, who will look at Opportunities to Work and Study in STEAM, and a male and female student from Harrison College and Alexandra School, respectively, who will explore the topic Student Benefits of STEAM in the Quest for Excellence.

All persons present will have the opportunity to contribute to the discussion. EduNation Forum is expected to be a source of thought-provoking material, and in keeping with the focus on STEAM, will include musical offerings that highlight the Arts.

To download the full calendar for Education Month 2018, please click here.


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