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The Ministry of Health and the Diabetes Foundation of Barbados, in conjunction with Rotary of Barbados (South) and the International Diabetes Federation, are collaborating to implement the first Step by Step Foot Care programme in Barbados.

The initiative is designed to provide regular foot screening to persons living with diabetes, in an effort to detect at an early stage any changes which could lead to ulcers or other serious complications.

The programme is part of the daily activities conducted at all of the island’s polyclinics and seeks to provide practical solutions for improved foot care in Barbados. One of the main objectives is to educate clients about the importance of healthy feet, and the need to conduct a proper inspection of their feet on a daily basis. In addition, persons with diabetes will receive an assessment of their feet upon each routine visit to their polyclinic.

It is expected that this initiative will improve the outcomes for these patients by providing a comprehensive package that will include specific skills training and provision of tools for health care providers, along with the delivery of client counseling and training techniques to support self-management.

Partners of the initiative remind diabetics that they must be involved in all aspects of the management of their care. Appropriate footwear should be worn at all times and adequate exercise, proper dietary practices and adherence to their treatment regime are all necessary for good control of diabetes.?? All persons living with diabetes and attending a polyclinic will be eligible for enrollment in the programme.


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