Students of Milton Lynch Boys’ School making a financial donation for the ribbons to??their principal, William Grazette, while Sheila Belgrave prepares to pin a ribbon. (A. Miller/BGIS)

Stop child abuse in Barbados now!

That is the strong message from Coordinator of the Child Abuse Programme at the Child Care Board (CCB), Colin St. Hill, who revealed that girls were mainly affected in all categories of child abuse. "But," he maintained, "boys are also affected, whether it is physical, neglect or emotional abuse."

Mr. St. Hill’s comments were made today at the Milton Lynch Boys’ School, Water Street, Christ Church, where the CCB launched its Ribbon Drive, a campaign to rid the island of child abuse.

"Stop Child Abuse Now" has been printed on about 5,000 yellow ribbons, which will be distributed at several primary schools across the island. Children and adults are encouraged to make financial donations towards the ribbons and wear them during the month.

The project is aimed at enlightening all in the community about child abuse, the impact it could have on children, and the steps that should be taken if abuse occurred.

Mr. St. Hill opined that abuse of boys "may tend to be more severe than girls", highlighting, for example, that boys were sometimes given a greater punishment than girls. "Boys are also sexually abused, but I believe it does not come to the forefront as much as abuse of girls. I urge boys who are being abused to let your teacher or an adult know, so you can receive the needed help," he pleaded.

As part of the Board’s "Safe Touch" Programme, a Child Care Officer will soon visit the students at Milton Lynch to teach them about child abuse.

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