COVID-19 update and press conference – February 15, 2021. (PMO)

Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley is warning the public to stop creating mischief in an effort to sway others against taking the COVID-19 vaccine.

In an address to the nation yesterday, Ms. Mottley made it clear that increasing the number of people vaccinated against the virus, would see it being “wrestled” to the ground and allow more businesses across the country to reopen.

She made reference to Israel, which she said was able to reduce its COVID-19 infections by 94 per cent through a comprehensive vaccination programme in its population, and has been able to reopen more of its businesses.

“So, when you hear us talk about the need for a comprehensive vaccination programme, it is not because we are trying to be difficult…. This is for the benefit of all people.

“I keep making the point that it is unfortunate that there are some people who continue to create strife and trouble in this country. I don’t mind people who genuinely have a difficulty with it; that is fine, but there are people who are using the social media to create mischief,” Ms. Mottley stressed.

She condemned the actions of those involved in creating the video circulating on social media, which portrayed a negative impression of Governor General Dame Sandra Mason receiving her COVID-19 vaccine, labelling it as “absolutely reprehensible”.

The Prime Minister also called on those responsible for editing the video to have the conscience and come forward and be counted for their “unfortunate behaviour”.

She lamented that what such persons were doing through these actions was in fact making mischief for people who did not know better, and whose condition, in the absence of a vaccination, could cause them to be one of the people who die.

“That is why I came here today, angry with those persons who believe that they can continue to play politics and play partisan behaviour, and to play all kinds of nonsense with respect to the lives of our people,” Ms. Mottley declared.

Noting that various articles on vaccines were being shared, the Prime Minister warned the public against being “tied up” in a domestic geopolitical war between Britain and the European Union, between Pfizer, a German company and AstraZeneca, a British company.

“Britain has vaccinated 15 million people with AstraZeneca….  How many have died?  We have got to stop this nonsense. We have people in Barbados, who need the guidance of their family…, their church…, their MPs, who need the guidance of all of us, and the media, everybody in order to guide them and of course their doctors, because their individual circumstances have to be assessed as well,” she said emphatically.

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