The State cannot do everything!

This is the view of one Government Minister, who has lamented that unfortunately in Barbados, the State is still being called upon to be involved in most economic and social activities.

Minister of Industry, International Business, Commerce and Small Business Development, Donville Inniss, has emphatically stated that he will make no apologies for his views, views that he has held and shared since his days as a student of Politics and Government ??? that it is the role of the private sector to drive economic development forward, with Government providing the enabling environment for such to be achieved.

Mr. Inniss, who was delivering the feature address at Roberts Manufacturing Company Ltd???s 70th anniversary gala and dinner awards celebrations at the Hilton Barbados last Saturday evening, also told his audience that ???We have to be bold and imaginative, both in Government and in the private sectors???.

With specific reference to Roberts Manufacturing and the lessons learnt and policies implemented over the past 70 years, the Minister cited several examples that the rest of the private sector could use to advance their businesses.

Describing research and development as one of the areas that could not be ignored in the advancement of that company, Mr. Inniss added: ???The importance of packaging and labelling???whether it is a good or a service, we must ensure that the brand is a good brand that connotes quality and success. We must never settle for less than the best, whether it is how we package our products or our services, or how or where we market them.

??????We must also look at strong and decisive leadership and management. In our society, we are still grappling with the challenges of separating ownership from management; the challenges of effective management with good governance structures and accountability.???

In praising the organisation for reaching such a milestone, the Minister urged management and staff to continue to build upon the work of their predecessors; to maintain focus on quality products that are available in all markets; and to be a mentor to other enterprises in the country.

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