One hundred and fifty signs will be erected on 80 streets in Bridgetown throughout November to highlight important districts and locations in the island???s UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Minister of Transport and Works (MTW), Michael Lashley, revealed this today at the launch of the Barbados World Heritage Street Signage Project at Probyn Street, the City, where two signs were installed.

The initiative, which costs approximately BDS$35,000, is a joint effort between MTW and the Barbados World Heritage Committee to promote Historic Bridgetown and its Garrison.

Mr. Lashley thanked the authorities of Republic Bank for allowing the first sign to be erected on its building, and urged other property owners to partner with his Ministry by granting it permission to erect street signs on their premises.

Stating that the signage project would coincide with this country???s Independence celebrations, he stressed good signage was important for road safety, as well as for providing directions.

???The erection of these street signs will assist tourists and locals in visiting many historic buildings, monuments and parks which are located in the UNESCO World Heritage Area. Places like the Jewish Synagogue, situated at Magazine Lane, and the Parliament Buildings, located in Trafalgar Street, will be highlighted,??? he pointed out.

Mr. Lashley added that signs would be erected at roads named after persons, institutions and associations that ???speak to our rich colonial heritage???, such as Probyn Street, Wellington Street and Fairchild Street.

???Probyn Street was the last street in Barbados to be named after a British Governor. His name was Sir Leslie Probyn, who governed the colony between 1911 and 1918,??? he said.

Author: Shamkoe Pil??

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